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Steven Lemon
13 Dec 2012

I have been researching Black chambers of commerce for several years and have not found one that satisfies my personal description of what a chamber should actually provide for it's members.

What I have found is that most of the organizations I have studied were born in the mind of a activist (a good word in this case) who determined and developed the plan and the features and then recruited and built a membership.

What I thought was missing was the input from the business community itself.

So, when I came up with the notion that I would try to start a chamber of commerce I decided to apply standard business principles in preparing to launch my plan:

First thing I will do is ask the business community:
Please do not respond to this survey if you are part of the leadership of a chamber

What should the chamber do for your business and/or the Black business community in general?

Should the chamber be politically partisan or non-partisan?

Should the chamber work primarily for the overall business community or primarily for it's members? Overall business Community Members first

Should there even be a BLACK chamber, why or why not?

Should members firms get more out than the cost of their dues? What benefits would be attractive as an incentive to join a BlackChamber of Commerce?

Should the chamber management be based locally, regionally or nationally, or all of the above.

Should the chamber be primarily an advocate or a resource?

If the perceived annual benefit of chamber membership were $500, what dues would you suggest as an annual membership fee?

Are you currently a member of a Chamber?

What improvements, if any, would you like to see in your chamber?

If a member, please type the website address of your chamber

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