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Nobody's Forcing You To Believe ANYTHING!!!
Just don't mess with MY belief.

Some of you folks
really need to get a REAL life! I'm hearing all this garbage about how some folks are upset because some "evil Republican right wing Christian NUT" is SUPPOSEDLY trying to impose their beliefs on the rest of us. I am a black, conservative, INDEPENDENT, right wing Christian fundamentalist wacko and I don't give a rat's behind WHAT you think of Christmas or anything else. The big fuss is over the fact that institutions;  public, private and governmental, are MANDATING that NO MENTION of CHRIST or Christmas be uttered or displayed at their places of business. There are reports of a school somewhere that would not allow RED AND GREEN icing on the "holiday muffins" that were served at the "Winter Break " party held at the school. "We don't want to offend the (insert your own religious group here. There are just too many of them for me to do it)" is the whiny response from some coward masquerading as a human with a backbone, and some equally spineless school board or public official upholds this white flag approach, fearing lawsuits. I guess the money is more important than the principle.

Never mind that not one complaint is heard from CHRISTIANS when other belief systems display their sacred icons and omens year 'round. I know of no case where a CHRISTIAN has brought a lawsuit complaining about a high school with a BLUE DEVIL as a mascot, but you just let a high school call itself "The Saints" and the ACLU, along with the atheists and the elite media will spend millions to remove such harmful imagery from public schools. It is no wonder that private and home schools are cropping up in larger numbers every year all across the country.

As a Christian, I have no problem with any entity declaring any semblance of religion to be off limits. It does raise my hackles, however, when its just the Christian religion that is targeted. Witness the donnybrook that WalMart found itself in. It was rumored several months ago that WalMart would no longer allow the Salvation Army to post bell ringers in front of the stores at Christmas and that greeters would only say "Happy holidays" to customers. A vociferous uproar by the general public, after a slate of critical articles by Fox News' Bill O'reilly and others, forced the retail giant to publicly state that bell ringers were welcome at their stores and that they never said such a thing.

For the record, I have no problem with the argument that not everyone believes in Christmas, Jesus, God, whomever and in some case WHATever. There are indeed many faiths and non faiths represented in any population sample, and a commercial enterprise may want to avoid offending any member of ANY group. The problem is that few people if any are actually offended when greeted with a phrase that is foreign to their religion. They just move on, as it should be. The outcry is only from those who want to remove the influence of Christ from our daily lives, at least the PUBLIC portion of it.

The way I look at it, I have as much a right to acknowledge my religion as they have to acknowledge theirs, and I resent having to take a back seat simply because I'm a Christian. There was a saying back in the day when radio/tv censorship was being debated all around the country; "They can just change channels or TURN IT OFF". That works fine, except for one tiny detail; the electronic airways are PUBLIC, and I have as much right to them as any atheist, so there.

I don't know what the solution is, but I do know this; a vast majority of U.S. citizens, regardless of their faith or lack thereof, think it is WRONG to target the Christian holidays, symbols and icons, just as it would be wrong to FAVOR them. I've heard people say that the constitution requires a "separation" of church and state and that the first amendment guarantees freedom of religion, so to allow religious imagery abridges the rights of those who choose not to believe The first part of the statement is not only bogus, but its BULLSHIrT (darn spell checker !). There IS no such phrase in the constitution nor in the Bill Of Rights. The second part is true. The first amendment does guarantee freedom of religion, but some of these folks, along with help from liberal judges and the ACLU,  are trying to translate that as freedom FROM religion.

If believers of ALL faiths don't stand up against the onslaught, it won't be long before ATHEISM will be the only religion left.
God will get you for that.
Merry Christmas
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